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Why should I join?
↠ daily Breathwork audios (5-10 min) for 24 days to experience the magic of breath in a practical everyday setting
↠ try different breathwork exercises for various purposes (de-stress, calm down, ground, visualize, get inspired, get energized and activated)
↠ feel the effect of different styles in this "bite-sized" format and get inspired to integrate it into your daily life as part of your "tool box" whenever you face some challenges 


Who is it for?

↠ anyone curious about breathwork or trying something new, no previous experience required
↠ if you're interested in finding a new way to reconnect with yourself, to feel into your body 
↠ if you want quick, easy tools to use in everyday life for energize or down-regulate
↠ if you want to start or spice up your daily routine, meditation or breathwork practice 


What to expect?

24 completely different combinations of breathwork fused with various other techniques: meditation, journaling, movement, visualization, grounding exercises, embodiment. A colorful mix of approaches to experience the true power of breathwork and find some everyday approaches that you enjoy. The short duration of max 10 minutes a day make it easy for you to integrate it into your daily life.

Sneak peek to the session topics for each day

  1. energizing breathwork [incl. energizing breathwork, gratitude practice, action step]
  2. realigning breathwork [incl. intention setting, cleansing breath,  breathing for nervous system regulation]
  3. unwinding, calming practice [incl. 4-7-8 breath, cleansing meditation, mantra for the day]
  4. circular breathing [incl. wake-up exercise, circular/connected breathing]
  5. coffee/tea breathwork [incl. mindfulness/breathwork/meditation mix]
  6. deeply relaxing breathwork [incl. muscle relaxation, box breathing, reconnect to a safe place]
  7. energizing, super-human breathwork [incl. energizing, activating Wim Hof Breathing]
  8. intuitive, slow breath [incl. breath awareness, mindfulness, reconnect with intuition]
  9. heart-opening, warming breathwork [incl. warming, opening up, Ujai breath]
  10. balancing breathwork [incl. balancing breath, visualization]
  11. connected breath working with the energy centers [incl. mindfulness, connected breath, chakra meditation]
  12. "letting go to grow" breathwork [incl. intention setting, 4-8 breath]
  13. empowering breathwork [incl. activating connected breathwork, visualization]
  14. "root to rise" breathwork [incl. calming breathwork, grounding meditation]
  15. self-love breathwork [incl. self-love breathwork, words of affirmation, mindset shift]
  16. hummingbird breath [incl. hummingbird breath with variations]
  17. activate the inner fire [incl. Kapalabhati breath, reconnecting with yourself]
  18. release & recharge breath [incl. emotional release technique, energizing & recharging breath]
  19. harmonizing breathwork [incl. "sigh of relief"-breath, mindfulness, mantra chant for chakras]
  20. deep rest & support [incl. relaxing breath, deep rest, stillness, mindfulness, visualisation/meditation]
  21. centering breathwork [incl. 5 senses grounding technique, centering breathwork]
  22. functional breathing [incl. functional breathing, intention setting, reflective questions]
  23. rest & relief breathwork [incl. grounding pose, 4-6 breath]
  24. magical morning breath [incl. movement, energizing breath, visualization]

24 days of breath

Excluding VAT
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