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reconnect to yourself and create a spark through breathwork

Welcome to Spark Your Fire! My mission is to help you reignite your inner fire and reclaim your power through breathwork. I offer both online and in-person sessions, and I am passionate about helping people feel, discover and heal through the power of breath.


My approach is to provide a safe, nurturing space, allowing you to come as you are and use this powerful process in whatever way you need.


I use a variety of techniques, including various breathwork practices, mindful awareness, visualization and embodiment practices, to help people reach a deeper level of connection with their true selves.


about me

I am Miriam, passionate breathwork facilitator and founder of Spark Your Fire.

I’ve spent the last two decades learning, growing, reading, doing online courses around how to overcome my obstacles, change my perspective on life during hardships and basically become more of my authentic self and carve my own unique path. I would only ever get so far and often realized at some point that I really wanted to think myself into a different state but I somehow just couldn’t

how I found breathwork

Breathwork Sessions with Miriam Tymiec from Spark Your Fire

This peaked when I had a kitesurf accident and was bound to my couch for weeks. I used this time to do all kinds of workshops and experiment with all kind of practices. When I heard about breathwork I simply tried having no clue what it was about. It completely blew me away how in one hour I could shift my state completely – not by trying to think myself into a different state but rather reconnect and dive deep within myself and let the breath do its magic.

I was so hooked I started my breathwork teacher training the next day. At first I just wanted to experience it for myself but when I felt the power of this modality in my own life and facilitated sessions for my friends and family, I realised that this was something I wanted to completely dive into.

how breathwork changed me

Breathwork has been a tool to change my state with literally something as simple as taking a few breaths, and a unique practice with the deeper, longer breathwork journeys to feel, release, transform and alchemise my biggest pains, gain clarity, receive visions and make bold changes in my life.


Most importantly to me it has been a way to actually learn to feel the "heavy" emotions again, you know those emotions you usually try to distract yourself from? I often used to distract myself by working out, meeting friends, going outside, keeping myself busy in any way instead of just feeling what was there. The result was I was so out of touch with my emotions that if you asked me how I felt my reply was simply "I don't know" – and actually I felt very numb and low for a long time. Breathwork has helped me to feel, be with whatever emotion comes up, feel and by doing that processing and releasing it.


Photographer: Miriam Joanna Art


my approach

I am fusing breathwork, embodiment and meditation with my background interests in biohacking, neuroscience, cold-water exposure and functional medicine.

more about me

Next to breathwork I am just as passionate about kitesurfing. I work remotely as a digital nomad from beautiful spots around the world with Tarifa, Spain, as well as Cape Town, South Africa, as my two bases I always keep returning to. 

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