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on demand

recorded live online sessions you can breathe to whenever you want in your own space


an opportunity for my regular breathers


These on demand breathwork sessions are for my lovely regular breathers who have joined me online or onsite.

Many of you wanted to breathe on their own timing whenever they felt the need or life presented them with an opportunity they wanted to breathe and move through. Well, this page is for you 🩶

Please note that this is only for my regular breathers who have practiced several conscious connected breathwork sessions with me – or if you already have a lot of experience with this type of breathwork.

You accept full responsibility for your the health and safety. Please read through the contraindications before renting.

Once you rent the video it is available for 72 hours. Please make sure you only rent it when you really have the time and health to breathe.

If you need a refresher you can watch the introduction before the breathwork session here again.


breathe whenever you feel like it or need it

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prefer to join me live or onsite?

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