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✺ What is this workshop about?

We will be giving you simple, quick hacks and practices to self-regulate your unique body-mind-system, relieve stress, anxiety and overwhelm and build resilience. The practices we mention derive from Ayurveda, Tantra, Feminine Form Medicine and Breathwork.

This is the live recording of a 2 hour workshop and we will put the theory right into action with you, giving you the background but practicing our hacks with you right away.


✺ This workshop is for you if you want to learn:

  • How to stay calm and centred when life goes crazy
  • How to build resilience to the pressures and stressors of society and your outer environment
  • How to regulate your nervous system and shift from a state of stress, anxiety and/or overwhelm to a state of more calm, more relaxed and more grounded
  • How to activate your innate self-healing powers (without being a perfect monk or yogi)
  • How to use tools that are simple, time-efficient and easily available to self-regulate your unique body-mind-system
  • How to improve your sleep for better energy throughout the day


✺ What will you learn and experience in this workshop?

  • Daily rituals to calm your nervous system through your 5 senses
  • Quick fixes to relieve stress, anxiety & overwhelm within just a few minutes
  • Easy-to-understand Ayurveda to help you pick the right practice at the right time 
  • Some delicious recipes and teas for grounding foods and drinks
  • Insight on Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns and how to find a more healthy breath and feel more balanced in everyday life
  • Easy breathwork practices to calm yourself down in seconds
  • A grounding meditation and a movement/breathwork meditation


You’ll walk away with tools and routines to implement for the rest of your life, as well as some quick hacks to pull out of your sleeve, e.g. when you stand in line at the supermarket.

✺ What is included?

📹 2-hour recording of the workshop

🧘‍♀️ the grounding meditation & the movement/breathwork meditation from the live event as separate audio files so you can use them in your every day life

🥑 a recipe pack with delicious meals and drinks

📝 a list of grounding foods and spices

🌼  presentations of the workshop with all the rich info so you can peak into it whenever you need it


✺ Workshop Structure

  • Grounding Meditation
  • Intro to the three bioenergetic forces impacting your body & mind in Ayurveda
  • The energetic force that causes the feeling of ungroundedness / a dysregulated nervous system and how to bring it back to balance
  • Short explanation of the Nervous System and what a Dysregulated Nervous System is, short intro to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic System as well as the Vagus Nerve
  • Daily Grounding techniques from Ayurveda and Tantra to calm down the nervous system as well as some quick, easy hacks to calm down which you can do anywhere
  • Breathwork Meditation with some movement and visualization
  • Dysfunctional Breathing and how to be more calm on an everyday basis by breathing in a healthy way
  • Breathwork Practices to quickly calm down, relax, easy anxiety and de-stress
  • Guidance on how and when to implement all the tools, how to build a habit


✺ About your hosts


✺ About Claudi

Claudi is a Holistic Health Coach, enthusiastic traveller, conscious creator and (com)passionate foodie.


With her project “Moonlit Mamas”, she is weaving together the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Tantra and other feminine form healing modalities and applies them to our crazy modern lives. Tapping into the wisdom of her own healer’s journey, she supports women on their path back to balance, wholeness and pure health through workshops, circles and 1:1 coaching.


Following years of being chronically stressed, depleted and in constant fight or flight state (without realising it), Claudi’s journey into motherhood served as a catalyst for making radical shifts. After her pregnancy and birth, she ended up with daily migraine surges and a benign brain tumor. Having previously built up her identity as the strong one, the one who can do it all by herself, she learned to let go and surrender. On her search for healing, she tapped into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda - and couldn’t get her foot out of it anymore. With its gentle yet powerful practices, she slowly but radically balanced her nervous system and brought herself back into a state of strong vitality, life force and radiance.


Currently based in Aljezur, a small town on Portugal’s wavy Southwest coast, she found her perfect ground to recharge, connect with the elements and be in flow with Mother Nature.


👉🏻 Have a look at this Insta Video to meet Claudi


✺ About Miriam

Miriam is a breathwork facilitator and founder of Spark Your Fire.


After experimenting and learning two decades around how to overcome her obstacles, become more of her authentic self and carve her own unique path, she had found breathwork. Breathwork has been the tool to change her state with literally something as simple as taking a few breaths, and a unique practice to feel, release, transform and alchemise her biggest pains, gain clarity and make bold changes in her life.


Miriam fuses breathwork, embodiment and meditation with her background interests in biohacking, neuroscience, cold-water exposure and functional medicine.


She is a passionate kitesurfer and works remotely as a digital nomad from beautiful spots around the world with Tarifa, Spain, as well as Cape Town, South Africa, as her two home bases she keeps returning to.


👉🏻 Miriam is talking about the Workshop in this Insta Video

Root to Rise Workshop

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