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Welcome to Spark Your Fire

Welcome to this virtual space called Spark Your Fire.

About this Space

My name is Miriam and I am completely mesmerized by breathwork and what it can do to change your state, what impact it can have on you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Spark Your Fire is a space and invitation to trust yourself, to find your inner power and rekindle your fire if it is burning low. In fact, to have a fire burning inside of you so strong that not even a storm can extinguish your essence.

Breathwork has been the most transformational tool to me, for self-exploration, growth, reflection, realization, envisioning, meditation and most of all to come back to my body and feel, to help me move through whatever is currently going one with more ease and flow. It is a tool unlike any I have encountered so far and depending on which technique you use it serves multiple different purposes but always with the aim of bringing you back to yourself, your truest, high-test, most empowered version.

How I found breathwork

It was at a time when I didn't feel home within my body – on the contrary, my body was the enemy. I have been a passionate kitesurfer and designed my whole life around it as a remotely working graphic designer and founder of the kitesurf blog Wake Up Stoked. Until I had my first rather severe kite accident which left me lying on a couch for months.

From stuck to free in one hour

Moving my body, being in nature, kitesurfing has always been my medicine but frankly also an escape, a distraction. Once I was tied to my couch, not working out, not moving, being "stuck" in my body and my mind, I tried out a lot – countless seminars, workshops and all kinds of things outside of my comfort zone. By coincidence I met a girl who has hosting a breathwork session the next day around letting go. I was curious, had no idea what to expect but figured that there was a whole lot to let go of. What happened within this session was magical. Within an hour I felt like a different person – I felt home in my body, I was at peace, I felt calm and happy and joyful. I just couldn't believe that something as simple as breathing, without moving my body in any way, without being out in a beautiful place in nature, could have such a deep effect on me.

The aftermath and how I started my breathwork teacher training

I was immediately hooked and booked a teacher training the next day, mainly because I wanted to explore it for myself more deeply and because I had a lot of extra time. The deeper I dove into the topic, the more I practiced it myself, the more I shared it with friends and family – the more I realized: this, to me, was the missing link.

Realizing the power of breathwork

This was a way to become present rather than running away, to stay with myself, to feel deeply into my body, into what was going on, to release and let go, to change my state an envision and dream on a level that was unkown to me before – as for the first time I wasn't dreaming with my mind, my whole body and state was involved and I was in a different world. Every session has been different and it is hard to put into words what this tool has done for me. Because it is something you need to experience yourself, open yourself up to, and because everyone experiences it differently.

Why try breathwork and my story as a short video

Through my breathwork journeys I:

– became present again, learnt to actually be in and feel my body, my feelings

– got clear visions for my future and made different decisions

– reconnected to my true self, felt a natural high and a state of peace, bliss, calm, endless possibility

– released old stories and painful memories, worked through that grief and sadness I could not feel in that moment in time that now had the opportunity to come to surface and be dissolved

– literally sparked my own fire again, feel empowered and in charge of my life

It’s been a tool of personal development, empowerment and embodiment, a technique to become present, feel, release, accept and surrender to the flow of life, resolving internal conflict, again and again through every session I do. It has been a way to process grief, sadness, anger, all those feelings I usually tried to push down or distract myself from (spoiler: it doesn’t work, they keep bubbling up stronger and stronger).

It’s also been a tool to change my mood by breathing, by that changing how I thought about certain things and ultimately changing how I felt and feel about those things.

Of course this hasn’t happened in just 1 session. This has been a process and I have attended sessions on average once a week for the past 1.5 years. But speaking from my breather’s feedback it can be an incredibly powerful and life-altering tool already within your first session(s).

If you feel like this is for you or you are simply curious to try, join me for one of my online or in-person breathwork sessions.

How to breathe with me

  • group sessions 💻 online

  • group sessions in 🇪🇸Tarifa, Spain, or 🇿🇦Cape Town, South Africa

  • 1:1 sessions online or in-person

Thank you for being here I am excited to take you on this journey

Miriam ✨

Photo Credit: Wiebke Sye


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