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What happens in a breathwork session?

What happens in an online breathwork journey if you decide to breathe with me?

If it is your first time breathing with me you will get an 18-minute introduction video on the technique we use, on how to set up the space and prepare yourself. You will only need to watch this video once.

Every session has a different topic and the breathing is always accompanied by a different playlist which matches the session topic. The session lengths vary from 60 to 90 minutes [you will see this upon booking]

The 90 minute breathwork sessions

The 90 minute sessions are more of a deep dive with an impulse talk, some form of exercise (embodiment, journaling) or a meditation or visualization – always depending on the topic. The breathwork itself is around 45 minutes long with a 10 minute relaxation/integration phase after.

  1. I will first talk about the focus/topic of the session and give some impulses. sometimes we will do a short embodiment exercise or meditation or some journaling/reflecting.

  2. a 45-minute breathwork journey with music which works towards a peak and then gets slower again

  3. followed by a 10-minute final relaxation and integration time (similar to Savasana in yoga)

  4. closing the session, post-care instructions, time to share your experience if you wish

The 60 minute breathwork sessions

The 60 minute sessions have a short introduction on the topic but we dive pretty quickly into the breathwork itself. The breathwork itself is around 35 minutes long with a 5-7minute relaxation/integration phase at the end.

Curious to try breathwork?

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Photo Credit Header: Wiebke Sye


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