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Benefits of breathwork

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

[I am talking about a specific breathing pattern with a specific structure and duration I use in my sessions, not about all breathwork styles in general. The breathwork style I am using is Conscious Connected Breathwork]

What can you expect from a breathwork session?

Here is the thing: every session is different and every person is different so it's not possible to predict what a session will give you.

It depends on multiple factors, for example where you're standing at the moment, what you're going through/have gone through, how well you can focus on your breath aka get out of your head and into your body, how open you are and how you can surrender and go with the flow.

Some sessions might feel life-changing, some relaxing, some exhausting yet making you feel lighter, some releasing with lots of tears and letting go of emotions, some exciting and full of bliss and some sessions nothing might happen.

You will never really now how you feel after a session which is why I always recommend for some buffer time (aka free time, maybe even alone time or time to do sth you love, in nature, outside, creatively) after the session.

Possible benefits of a deep dive breathwork session with me

Here are some of the effects that I and/or my breathers have experienced during the sessions. It doesn't matter if you're spiritual or have never meditated before, if you "believe" in the effects of breathwork or not, if it's your first session or you have done breathwork for years.

Some sessions you might feel one of these mentioned, some sessions a variety of the effects, changing from one to the other as you breathe.

Possible effects, experiences and outcomes

of a breathwork session (10 examples)

  1. a deep emotional release of a topic you couldn't process before, crying or releasing something/someone on an emotional level

  2. a feeling of letting go, forgiving someone or yourself, shedding a layer, leaving behind an outdated story about yourself or closing a chapter you know longer want to be in

  3. coming back into your body, feeling the whole array of emotions from bliss, joy, happiness, feeling high, to sadness, anger, grief, rage

  4. having a clear vision for your future or a topic you've been thinking about, reconnecting to your true core or getting inspired for your future path

  5. feeling your full potential without fear or doubt, connecting to your highest self, realizing what really matters to you and what changes need to be made

  6. having new insights, epiphanies and ideas around a topic you've been struggling with for a long time

  7. relaxing on the deepest level, maybe even falling into a deep nourishing sleep

  8. being in a meditative or trance-like state, losing all feeling for time and space, not being anywhere specific, not thinking of anything, just being present in the moment

  9. feeling as if you're naturally high, almost like a psychedelic experience, absolute bliss and happiness, sometimes even seeing colours or dream-like scenes, floating in outer space or the universe

  10. feeling endless love and connection to everyone and everything, coming to peace with your past, present and possible future, feeling as if everything is just perfect the way it is

So wait, what should I expect then from a session?

I repeat this in every session: don't expect anything. Don't expect this session to be like your last one or don't expect any of the effects I mentioned to happen.

All you need to focus on is your breath and it will lead you exactly where you need to go – and often that is not where we "want it to go" with our rational mind. Trust yourself, trust your breath and get ready for a one-of-a-kind journey within.

Here is also a short video on the possible effects of breathwork:

Curious to try breathwork?

Find the current events here.

Photo Credit Header: Wiebke Sye


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