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Sun, 14 Jul


MARAVISTA, Moledo do Minho

Portugal Breathwork: Spark Your Fire

Breathwork in Moledo, North of Portugal, with the topic of sparking your fire. A transformative deep dive breathwork journey.

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Portugal Breathwork: Spark Your Fire
Portugal Breathwork: Spark Your Fire

Time & Location

14 Jul 2024, 11:30 – 13:30 WEST

MARAVISTA, Moledo do Minho, Tv. de Santana no 231, 4910-225 Moledo do Minho, Portugal

About the event

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

A form of active meditation where we are changing the chemistry in our body through a specific breathing pattern and get into an altered or different state of consciousness, accessing our subconscious mind and diving deep within to heal, feel, release and elevate.

Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB), which we will be using in the session, is also considered a healing, transformational breathwork to release physical or emotional blockages, get out of your patterns and feel your true potential

What happens in a breathwork session?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a type of holistic therapy that combines breathing exercises, visualization, and body awareness to promote physical, mental and emotional healing. The breath is a powerful tool for accessing subconscious and releasing or transforming unconscious emotions and patterns of behavior.

During a Conscious Connected Breathwork session, you will lie down and will be guided through a series of connected breaths, designed to stimulate the body's natural healing process. The breathing exercises are accompanied by music, affirmations, and sometimes other techniques such as body movement or visualization.

The goal of Conscious Connected Breathwork is to release stored emotions and physical tension, promote relaxation and inner peace, increase self-awareness and consciousness, and facilitate personal growth and transformation.

About Miriam

Miriam is a breathwork facilitator and founder of Spark Your Fire.

After experimenting and learning two decades around how to overcome her obstacles, become more of her authentic self and carve her own unique path, she had found breathwork. Breathwork has been the tool to change her state with literally something as simple as taking a few breaths, and a unique practice with the deeper, longer breathwork journeys to feel, release, transform and alchemise her biggest pains, gain clarity and make bold changes in her life.

Miriam fuses breathwork, embodiment and meditation with her background interests in biohacking, neuroscience, cold-water exposure and functional medicine.

She is a passionate kitesurfer and works remotely as a digital nomad from beautiful spots around the world with Tarifa, Spain, as well as Cape Town, South Africa, as her two home bases she keeps returning to. She is spending July and August every year in Viana do Castelo as she fell in love with the kitesurf spot and Portuguese vibes and will give a special workshop in MARAVISTA - Yoga.Body.Mind.

👉🏻 Find out more about breathwork in her instagram reels

Potential benefits and effects of a breathwork session

  • can help you feel joy, happiness, a „natural high“
  • you possibly can access a non-ordinary state of consciousness
  • can help you gain mental clarity
  • can balance your body, help you feel more centered
  • can help you feel more self-love and self-confidence
  • can lead to personal empowerment
  • can help improve your overall wellbeing
  • can relieve stress and anxiety
  • can help you release, let go, forgive, close a chapter or open a new one

To find out more about the benefits of breathwork you can read this article

Session Focus

You are the one you’ve been looking for. We tend to give power away by thinking others have it all figured out and have the solutions to all our problems. While there are so many beautiful tools, techniques and programmes out there this session is here to remind you that you are, always, the one who is alchemizing and transforming through your own power. This is your time to dive deep into trust, surrender, believing in yourself (not from your head but feeling it in your body) and knowing that you have everything within you that you need already. It’s time you spark your own fire.

General Infos

Open to all levels, 2 hour session including introduction to breathwork and a full breathwork session with music. Limited spots, booking or reservation is essential. 


We will be breathing in the beautiful studio "MARAVISTA - Yoga.Body.Mind.", in Moledo in the North of Portugal

What to bring to your breathwork session

  • big towel or light blanket
  • comfy clothes, something warm to put on (you might be colder than usual as you are changing the chemistry in your body, I will explain more about that on the event)
  • optional: a blindfold or sth to cover your eyes as it helps you focus more on your breath, pen and paper (or your journal), water or herbal tea, snacks for after the session (you might feel quite hungry after, especially if you need to drive it's great to have some snacks like fruits/nuts/dried fruits with you)

How to prepare to make the most of your breathwork journey

  • Ideally no alcohol 24 hours before the session (if you drank alcohol it is ok but you are likely to not go as deep), no substances/drugs 24 hours before the session 
  • Ideally don’t eat a big meal right before, have your last small meal an hour before the session
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the event so that you have enough time to set up your space
  • Please read the contraindications before joining, in case any of them apply to you get in touch with me before you book.


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