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Journal prompts for self discovery

Journal prompts to discover and/or reconnect to your true self 1. What are my passions? What topics, causes, experiences or activities light a fire in my soul, make me feel most alive, bring me joy or fulfilment?

2. What are my strengths, what am I good at? How can I use these strengths to contribute to the world? [If you have a hard time answering this, think what your partner, closest friends or family members would say who admire you. What area of life do they ask you for advice?]

3. What are my fears and limiting beliefs? What beliefs or fears are holding me back from living my best life, and how can I work to overcome them?

4. What do I want to achieve in my life in the next year or 5-10 years? What goals or aspirations do I have, and how can I work towards achieving them?

5. How can I take better care of myself? What self-care practices can I incorporate into my daily routine to support my physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being?

6. Who are the people that uplift and/or support me? Who can I turn to for guidance and encouragement on my journey towards self-discovery and self-expression? [this can be people in real life or social media/online presences you follow]

7. What steps can I take today to reconnect with my essence and live more authentically? What small actions can I take to start shining my light more brightly in the world? [you could use this as a daily check-in journal prompt in the morning]

Ready for the next step?

While I love journaling for multiple reasons, it is often an activity that is still very focused on the mind. Which is why I love to combine it with breathwork, which is tapping more into the heart and often gives solutions that our mind in Default Network Mode couldn't have thought of.

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